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Zumpā - pronounced zompa - means ‘to jump’ in the Neapolitan dialect.

An Italian sheet music book has been compiled with 63 tunes and 50 pages. Click here for more details and sample Italian tunes.

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ABOUT ZUMPA, the band

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The band plays a lively selection of music from the various regions of Italy and in particular the southern region of Campania, whose capital is Naples. The De Santi family is well represented along with members of Wongawilli and Obrobini with a few extra paesani. A feature instrument is the tricche ballache, an Italian version of the lagerphone. The selection of tunes includes tarantellas, quadriglias, mazurkas, waltzes and old songs.

The group is led by David De Santi on piano accordion, a first generation Italian / Australian. Born, bred and buttered in Wollongong, NSW, David rediscovered a passion for the old Italian tunes and songs after being introduced to Australian folk music in the 1980s. David was also involved in local theatre productions featuring Italian music - Emma and Italian Stories.

David has been collecting Italian tunes, dances and songs since that period incorporating them into the band to create fun and energetic performances of the 'old' music.

The band includes other members of the De Santi family - papa (Aniello) on tricche ballache and other home made percussion things, Tania De Santi (David's wife) on piano, Samuel De Santi on percussion. The group is flexible and has a core of other musicians playing violin, saxophone, clarinet, mandolin and guitar.

Previous performances:

  • Illawarra Folk Festival - Italian Lunches
  • Woodford Folk Festival
  • National Folk Festival

Further details from David De Santi, 0409 57 1788,


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