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A selection of pictures from the gigs, the places, the people, the music, new and old friends.

If you have any pictures of the band playing at these gigs, we would appreciate them. Please email to:

The tour:
29 June to 2 July - Skagen Festival, Denmark, right at the top, bordered by the North and Baltic Seas. The band's second visit.
3 July to 8 July - Kuopio International Wine Festival lakeside picturesque city in the middle of Finland, Surrounded by lakes and forests.
9 July to 12 July  - Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, folk music capital of Finland, on eastern side

13 July - Tomtebo Folklore Centre, Helsinki

Skagen Festival, Denmark

Some of our favourite artists at the festival:

The Dubliners, David Munnelly Band (Ire), Dougie MacLean (Scot), Eric Bogle & John Munro (Aust), Genticoruim (Can), Les Chauffeurs a Pieds, The Chaps (NZ), Rolling Home (Neth), The Rooney Family (Ire), Et Encore (Belg), Kadril (Belg)

Most of these photographs are by Bjarne Hyldgaard from the Skagen Festival.

askagenschool.JPG (27320 bytes)
First gig at the Torvescenen
askagendubliners.jpg (19736 bytes)
A rare chance to see the Dubliners play
askagenfood.JPG (30812 bytes)
Terrific seafood
askagenharbour.JPG (59164 bytes)
The huge Harvescenen tent and stage
askagenceili.jpg (29444 bytes)
The mass finale at the Ceili at the Kultur Center, that's us in the shadows
apascal_david_sam.jpg (35286 bytes)
It's Canada vs Australia with Pascal from
Genticorum, David and Sam
askagenseashanty.JPG (32469 bytes)
The Sea ShantyConcert wtih Sam on the chair playing
spoons to the delight of the audience

Kuopio International Wine Festival, Finland

The festival was established in 1997 and each year features a country and its wine.

Australia was it for 2006. We were joined by Jigzag and Junior to make up an Australian representation along with didgeridoo player Robin DeWan from Helsinki. Each night following the Australian performances, famous Finnish rock, pop, heavy metal, country performers followed! The gigs were crazy and the party atmosphere amazing - the sun doesn't go down!

Kiitos Vesa.

We also learnt how to say cheers in the local Finnish - 'Hurligan Gurligan', well that's what we think.. The other version is 'Kiipas' (spelling?).

akuopiologo.gif (10169 bytes)akuopiobackground.gif (91916 bytes)
kuopioaussies3.jpg (25542 bytes)
happy Aussies in Kuopio
akuopio.JPG (28874 bytes)
Us, notice Sam's orange Euro style trousers...
akuopioaussies2.JPG (27204 bytes)
Aussie Finale - Down Under
akuopioaussies.JPG (29363 bytes)
Aussie Finale too
akuopiobeach.JPG (23808 bytes)
Kuopio beach and diving tower
akuopiocrowd.JPG (26867 bytes)
The crowd
akuopiofilmmaker.JPG (21223 bytes)
Tourist film-maker, notice beer
akuopiogreg.JPG (36545 bytes)
Greg from Jigzag really enjoying Finnish 'Aussie' tucker
akuopiojigzag.JPG (22786 bytes)
Jigzag in action
akuopiojunior.JPG (31024 bytes)
Junior 5 in action
akuopiolake.JPG (22286 bytes)
Kuopio from the lake, tower on hill
akuopiomainstage.JPG (23814 bytes)
Finnish band rocking on!

Kaustinen Folk Festival, Finland

Kaustinen is Finlands home of folk music and the amazing fiddling sensation JPP ( JÄRVELÄN PIKKUPELIMANNIT) . The festival goes for a whole week with Finnish and a swag of international acts.

This year's feature country was Italy with groups from all over including Spakka Napoli, Actores Alidos & Orlando Mascia from Sardinia, Calicanto from Venice and Gruppo Sbandieratori San Quirico d´Orcia from Tuscany, Italy

Our gigs were at Cafe Mondo, the main stage Arena and the Dance Stage.

We played as the World Cup final was being decided between Italy and France and when we found out Italy had won we broke out into Tarantellas to the delight of the passing celebrating Italian contingent!

Highlights were watching the hundreds of young children and adults playing accordions, fiddles, harmoniums plus an array of other traditional folk instruments. Children's Day was also amazing and very inspiring.

Truly a wonderful event showcasing Finnish traditional music and a very welcoming attitude to international artists.

akaustinen.JPG (35459 bytes)
Sam and Tania dancing to the late dance band
led by JPP's Mauno Järvelä
akaustinenaccordions.JPG (40561 bytes)
Some of the many buskers
akaustinenband1.JPG (32404 bytes)
And more accordions
akaustinencalicanto.JPG (25031 bytes)
Calicanto in action
akaustinendancing.JPG (33876 bytes)
The outdoor dance stage
akaustinenhyberborea.JPG (33825 bytes)
Terrific Finnish group Hyperborea
akaustinenheeltoe.JPG (32849 bytes)
Jane and Sam demonstrating the Heel & Toe Polka
they like their waltzing and polkering though
akaustinenpubsign.JPG (13544 bytes)
The local pub sign.
akaustinensardinia2.JPG (30288 bytes)
Actores Alidos & Orlando Mascia from Sardinia
akaustinenlagerphone.JPG (30361 bytes)
A Finnish lagerphone!
.akaustinercafemondo.JPG (51720 bytes)
Cafe Mondo venue
akaustinenposter.JPG (29772 bytes)
Old poster showing the Arena and surrounds
akaustinensardinia.JPG (29400 bytes)
Actores Alidos & Orlando Mascia from Sardinia
akaustinensession1.JPG (32987 bytes)
Another session and more accordions
akaustinensiennaflags2.JPG (20124 bytes)
The flag wavers from Tuscany
akaustinensiennaflags.JPG (29423 bytes)
The flags mixing colours with the Arena Tent
akaustinenyounggrils.JPG (35531 bytes)
More cool young fiddlers led by Mauno Järvelä
akaustinenkids.JPG (86320 bytes)
The amazing Children's Day performance - they're al young and think its cool to play tradiitonal music

Couple of holiday pictures after the gigs in Helsinki and Tallinn, Estonia.

atallinnhellhunt.JPG (32826 bytes)
Estonia's first pub in Tallinn
atallinnchoirs.JPG (42820 bytes)
They like their choirs - that's them under the anwing,
yes, all 10,000 of them...
ahelsinkibar.JPG (18647 bytes)
More Aussie tucker in Helsinki..

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